Below you can find the General Terms and Conditions of Car Rental without a Driver (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) agreed between the COMPANY (hereinafter referred to as the Bluerent Agreement) and the CLIENT (hereinafter referred to as the Client), including documents identifying both parties. Contract.


Clients take over the rented vehicle, described in the Rental Agreement, as seen, with all accompanying documentation, tires, tools and accessories, and take responsibility for taking care of them and managing the vehicle in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations and provisions set forth in these General Terms and Conditions.


The provision of the Agreement listed below on page 1 indicates the date and time when the vehicle is to be returned. Rental time is calculated for periods of 24 hours, starting from the moment the Clients rented the vehicle, until the moment the vehicle, keys and documents are returned to Bluerent. The period for delaying the additional charge when returning the vehicle is 59 minutes. This agreement is not valid for a rental period longer than 89 days. If the client decides to terminate the Rental Agreement earlier, the total amount paid for the days when the vehicle has not been used (including taxes) will be retained as compensation.

Also, in the event that Bluerent decides to terminate the rental before the date specified in the Agreement, the Client will be entitled to receive from Bluerent double the amount paid for days when the vehicle was not used (including taxes) as compensation.


The client is obliged to return the vehicle on the day and at the time specified in the previous paragraph. If the Client wishes to extend the rental period, he / she must go to the nearest Bluerent representative office to sign the extension. The Contract may not be extended by telephone or other means of electronic communication, unless otherwise specified on the first page of the Contract. A deposit lodged as a guarantee may under no circumstances be used to extend the rental period. Bluerent may charge the Client a fee for all extensions to this Agreement. In the event that the Agreement cannot be renewed, because there are no vehicles available, or for some other reason, the Client must return the vehicle at the agreed time and date to the appropriate Bluerent branch. Depending on the terms and conditions in the original Agreement, it may be necessary to sign a new Agreement requesting an extension of the rental period. In such event, the new Agreement shall terminate this Agreement.


Clients, in addition to the chosen vehicle return system, referred to in paragraph 7 of these Terms and Conditions, have the obligation to return the rented vehicle, in the condition it was in before the rental, together with all its documentation, tires, tools and accessories. time and date specified in the Lease Agreement. Customers must not change the technical characteristics of the vehicle, keys and equipment, tools and / or accessories, nor change its external or internal appearance. Otherwise, Clients should pay the cost of returning the vehicle to its pre-rental condition, without damaging Bluerent’s income for the period when the vehicle is not available for rent due to servicing or any other damage suffered by Bluerent.


Failure to return the vehicle on the day and at the time specified in the Agreement, authorizes Bluerent to charge Customers for each day of use of the vehicle, after it should have been returned. Bluerent will also charge a penalty of € 40 for each day of delay to cover the damage caused to it. If the return of the vehicle is delayed for more than 59 minutes from the signing of the Rental Agreement, the Client will be charged the same amount. In the same way, returning or leaving the vehicle in a place other than that specified in the Agreement gives Bluerent the right to require customers to pay

Rent for each additional day required to return the vehicle and return it to its pre-rental condition, so that it can be rented again, 40 euros compensation for loss of earnings, and the cost of moving or towing the vehicle, tolls, storage or supervision as appropriate, up to the place of return of the vehicle specified in the Contract, and as stated in the schedule that you can find at www.bluerent.rs. In the event that the vehicle disappears or is not returned, Bluerent reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against the Client before the competent authorities with full force and all legal consequences. Unilateral renewal of the Agreement by the Client will be considered illegal use of the vehicle and in that case the Client will be held liable for any damage caused to the vehicle.


6.1 Payments

Clients pay Bluerent

A) The costs of renting a vehicle, insurance and fees are determined by the applicable Bluerent tariffs (hereinafter the Standard Tariffs) which are communicated to the client in advance. The application of pre-agreed tariffs depends on the return of the vehicle to the agreed place, at a certain time and on the correct day. Tariffs may vary depending on the time of year and the specific representative office, in which case it is the client’s responsibility to check which tariff applies.

B) The amount is related to the selected vehicle return system (item 7)

C) All other items concerning the Clients, and according to the Bluerent Agreement and commercial terms and conditions.

6.2 Payment resulting from Client’s inadequate use. After the end of the rental period, the Client pays Bluerent any amount resulting from the following items.

A) Fee for SPECIAL CLEANING, for costs imposed by additional cleaning services due to noticeably inadequate condition in which the vehicle is at the time of its return, up to 150 euros

B) Up to EUR 280 for costs incurred in losing documents or vehicle keys, and / or sending keys to a specific representative office, in case of loss, breakage or return of keys to another representative office where the vehicle was not taken over, or for any other circumstance attributed to the Client due to which the vehicle is withdrawn from use.

C) Costs incurred in the cases specified in the various paragraphs of this Agreement.

D) All costs incurred due to loss, theft, deterioration or damage to any part of the vehicle or the entire vehicle, as well as all problems caused by the use of the wrong type of fuel.

E) All tolls, fines, sanctions and court costs imposed in violation of travel regulations, laws, rules and local laws (including tolls and restrictions on motor vehicles, where applicable) incurred by the Client during the rental period and settled by Bluerent.

F) Notwithstanding the above, Bluerent reserves the right to charge the Client an additional EUR 40 for the administrative costs of processing and sending the notification of the aforementioned penalties to the competent authorities.

G) The cost of repairing damage to the vehicle in the event of a collision in any of the following cases:

– The vehicle has not been used in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.

– The Accident Report Form or Declaracion Amistosa de Accidente (DAA or Friendly Accident Report) or Informe di Siniestro (Collision Report) – was not completed on time and sent to Bluerent or gives an inaccurate presentation of the facts.

– Damage was caused to the vehicle due to the Client’s incorrect assessment of the vehicle height

– No additional insurance taken (see item 8)

H) Costs of “Collision Administration Fees” up to 150 euros.

All amounts arising from the above reasons, Bluerent charges directly to the Client, using an electronic or equivalent payment system used to rent a vehicle, with the Client’s consent for Bluerent to charge the said costs. In the same way, Bluerent reserves the right to charge the Client compensation for loss of earnings due to inability to use the damaged vehicle. This fee will be calculated according to the number of days required for vehicle repair determined either by independent appraisers or determined after vehicle repair, counting as one day every eight hours of work invested by the workshop as a basis for quantifying the daily rate at which the vehicle was rented. Days when the vehicle cannot be used are counted as days when the vehicle is not returned on the specified day and therefore an additional 40 euros per day will be charged, specified in the previous paragraph.


The credit card holder should show the credit card used to pick up the vehicle. The credit card used should be in the name of the same person who takes over the Lease Agreement. Payment for car rental and all additional items may be made in the currency chosen by the Clients. Different currencies are accepted, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bank processing the payment.


The user can travel outside the territory of Serbia with the vehicle and must inform us before the start of the rental. The fee for crossing the border is 36 euros for the entire rent. In case the client is taken outside the borders of Serbia without our permission, he will be charged an additional 40 euros. Clients traveling outside of Serbia take responsibility for resolving potential difficulties during the trip or with our help using the services listed below:

Car replacement with surcharge 0.6 euros / Km
Car repair at a surcharge of 0.6 EUR / Km for travel costs in both directions plus car repair costs.
Towing service at a price of 1.4 euros / km

In case of accidents or other inconveniences that may occur during travel outside Serbia. Otherwise, the user is obliged, at his own risk, to deliver the car to the territory of Serbia in order to exercise the right to full support from the company Bluerent doo. Which is responsible for 24-hour roadside assistance only on the territory of Serbia. In the event of an accident outside Serbia, the client must submit a POLICE record to the rental agency. In case the client wants to travel outside the territory of Serbia, but did not emphasize during the reservation, he must insure himself against damage by taking SUPER INSURANCE AGAINST DAMAGE, with a mandatory deposit.


8.1 Insurance and civil liability insurance performed

Rental rates include compulsory insurance and Civil Liability Insurance to cover third party damages incurred as a result of using and driving the vehicle. These coverages are guaranteed and taken over by Bluerent’s insurance company, and apply to general insurance policies and its special clauses and laws. By signing the car rental agreement, the client accepts the terms of this insurance policy, which is available at the request of the Client.

8.2 Bluerent basic coverage

Rental rates include Bluerent Basic Vehicle Damage Coverage for:

a) Collision

b) Theft

c) Accidental fire and acts of vandalism

Bluerent Basic Coverage always estimates the excess for any damage for which the customer is directly responsible (see Special Conditions on page 1 of this Agreement). The excess should be guaranteed by making an appropriate deposit or taking additional coverage.

Bluerent coverage will always be valid as long as the following conditions are met:

a) In the event of a collision, the client sends complete details about the third party and potential witnesses before 48 hours as well as a completed accident report “Agreed fact report” DAA with vehicle registration plates, name and address of the third party, collision circumstances, accident drawing, the name of the third party insurance company and, as far as possible, the number of the insurance policy. All this should be signed by both drivers who participated in the accident, or if there is no report of the accident, a report on the damage that will be provided by Bluerent.

b) The insurance company will not be accepted to accept the damage in case the driver of the vehicle was not in the physical and mental condition required by the road traffic signature.

c) Any collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism which has not occurred during unauthorized use, as referred to in paragraph 10, or which violates any of the terms of this Agreement, and

d) Clients sent a report of a collision, theft, fire or part of vandalism caused to the vehicle within 48 hours of the event, together with relevant documentation (accident report, report to authorities, etc.)

8.3 Supplementary coverage

Rental tariffs do not include, unless otherwise stated, any Supplementary Coverage, which allows a reduction of the Client’s liability, damage and the amount set out on page 1. The above coverage may be agreed upon pick-up or advance booking and will only be valid in how much the client meets the necessary requirements for Bluerent base coverage.


In the event of an accident, clients should:

a) Send Bluerent complete details of the third party and potential witnesses before 48 hours, as well as the completed DAA Accident Report “Agreed Fact Report”, with vehicle registration plates, name and address of the third party, collision circumstances, accident drawing, name third party insurance companies, and if possible the number of insurance policies. All this should be signed by both drivers who participated in the accident, or if there is no accident report, “damage report” will be provided by Bluerent.

b) Immediately inform the competent authorities if the fault of a third party is to be investigated or if someone has been injured.

c) Do not leave the rented vehicle without taking the necessary protection measures. In the event of acts of vandalism, fire, theft or missing vehicle, the customer should notify Blueren of the event and report the event to the appropriate authorities as well as send reports to Bluerent as soon as possible.


It is the client’s responsibility to use the vehicle with due care in accordance with its characteristics, and to comply with the Road Traffic Regulations, avoiding all situations that could cause damage to the vehicle or third parties. Also, the client is obliged not to allow anyone, except those who are authorized under the lease agreement to drive the vehicle. Clients are responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or third parties due to the use of these conditions. Failure to comply with the terms of these sections will be considered unauthorized use. Clients are fully responsible for damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle due to unauthorized use and must bear the costs listed earlier in section 6. In the case of a lawsuit, the Client must bear all court and attorney’s fees, even if there is no need for by the participation of the latter in the prosecution process. Unauthorized use includes, but is not limited to, the following cases, for example:

– Pushing or towing another vehicle

– Driving in areas that are not suitable for urban traffic, such as beaches, race tracks, forest trails, driving on secondary roads, etc.

– Driving on dusty roads and extremely poorly paved roads that can damage the lower part of the vehicle

– Driving in restricted areas, especially on airport roads or other roads with airport and / or military purpose.

– Deliberate conduct at times when indicators in the vehicle give warning messages that the client guarantees to know when signing this contract.

– Transport of goods and animals, especially substances that are flammable or toxic to the vehicle and its occupants.

– Transport of persons or goods for which the client is paid directly or indirectly.

– Sub-leasing of vehicles.

– Use of vehicles for illegal actions.

– Transport of the number of passengers and the amount of luggage that are not allowed for a given vehicle model.

– Rangefinder manipulation. Clients are obliged to report any irregularities in the operation of the rangefinder to Bluerent.

– Carriage of luggage or any other items on the roof, even when using a suitable roof rack for these purposes.

– Damage to the vehicle due to leaving attractive objects in sight inside the vehicle.

– Dirt inside the vehicle to a greater extent than expected after reasonable and careful use of the vehicle.

– Driving a vehicle in a tired state, when the driver is not feeling well or is under the influence of excessive use of alcohol, drugs or narcotics.

– Reckless driving

– Using vehicles to give driving lessons in any form and / or learning special driving techniques.

– Driving in violation of traffic regulations.

– The vehicle is operated by a person who is not authorized by this Agreement to drive, either as a Client and / or a co-driver

– Driving vehicles outside the geographical restrictions specified in the Special Conditions of the vehicle rental agency in which the contract begins.

– Continuation of vehicle use after the rental period. Client’s unauthorized use of the vehicle authorizes Bluerent to terminate the Rental Agreement earlier, due to the use of Client’s contractual obligation, and where appropriate, claim compensation for any damage caused in this way.


Clients must have a valid driver’s license, and a passport, approved in the country where the vehicle is rented, and have a driver’s license for at least 4 years. Also, the minimum age limit for drivers must be 25 years. If both conditions are not met, there is a possibility of a special agreement, which can lead to subsequent costs. Clients are directly responsible for holding an appropriate, valid and approved driver’s license and for causing any damage and liability to Bluerent.


Clients and / or authorized additional drivers are jointly responsible for the client’s obligations under this Agreement and the applicable laws applicable to it.


Bluerent cannot be held responsible for items stolen, forgotten or lost inside the vehicle.

14. Traffic offenses and penalties:

The user is obliged to pay the value of fines for obstruction of traffic received during the rental period, administrative costs and fees caused by the same. He is also obliged to pay all fines caused by reckless driving, such as parking on a green area, sidewalk or any communal offenses he may commit. In that case, the client is charged a utility fine that Bluerent doo receives from state institutions in the amount of 600 euros, plus an administrative fee for dealing with the offense in the amount of 40e. Smoking in vehicles is not allowed, and if this rule is not met, an additional charge of 40 euros will be charged. In case of loss of license plates or documentation, the user is obliged to pay 200 euros.

The user is obliged to pay the amount of 150 euros in case of damage or loss of the GPS device. If the front seat is burnt by a cigarette or other type of fire or grill, the user is obliged to pay 150 euros per seat or 600 euros in the case of the rear seat.


Upon signing this Agreement, the Client may be required to pay a deposit that may be proportional to the amount of the tariff and the market value of the vehicle, in order to provide a guarantee for meeting the general and special conditions of this Agreement. In the case of an agreement to extend the Contract, this amount must be increased in accordance with the number of days agreed as the extension period. This amount will be refunded when the Contract expires and after checking the condition of the vehicle, as well as checking the fulfillment of general and special conditions of this Contract. For this reason, it may be necessary to keep the deposit for up to 30 days after returning the vehicle.


In accordance with the provisions of current legislation on personal data protection, Bluerent informs you that your personal data will be added to a computer file kept by this company, whose registered office is located at Novogradska 21, for the purpose of managing car rental services and timely information about promotions and products, as well as those of third parties, or by e-mail or other appropriate means. You can revoke your consent at any time by sending a letter to Novogradska 21, 11080 Zemun, Serbia or by e-mail to office@bluerent.rs Finally, we hereby inform you that you can access, change or remove the data by sending a letter to Bluerent Customer Care at the above address or by e-mail to office@bluerent.rs


For more detailed information, comments, claims or complaints, please contact the client section of our website www.bluerent.rs


This agreement is governed by the laws of Serbia. Bluerent’s intention is to resolve all disputes in a friendly manner. In cases where this is not possible, all disputes between Bluerent and the Clients will be resolved in the local courts of the place where the vehicle was rented.


Translations of these general terms and conditions are for information purposes only and are not legally binding. Only the original copy in English is considered valid.

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